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          About DQ cables >> Development History >> The detailed content

          About DQ cables

          Development History
          DQ cables is a registered trademark of DQ Cables (Dongqiang). Dongqiang is marketing its variety of cables internationally using the trade name DQ cables.

          Authorized by government of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Dongqiang Co., Ltd was established in August, 1999. The predecessor of Dongqiang was township medium cable enterprise set up in the middle of 1980s.
          Since 1985, Dongqiang experienced several development stages:

        2. The first decade Dongqiang successfully managed the complicated time from its start-up to the successful development of the multi-core-telecommunication cable.
        3. Directly after this product has been marketed and has generated a major market position for Dongqiang.
        4. During this stage railway signal cable has been successfully developed.
        5. Starting 2001 a new period of high quality development has been started: The development of data safe cable including all categories (Cat5 to Cat 7A).
        6. So the time from 2006 onwards has generated dramatic sales growth and even more high-tech products for the demanding markets have been launched.
          Continuous investment in equipment as well as in training and education of the management and staff has enabled a market position which is no longer being limited to the domestic market. More and more international partners have seen the potential and dependability of Dongqiang. By registering the trademark DQ cables a new area of partnerships has started.

          Copyright 2011 Jiangsu Dongqiang Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Protected by national and international copyright laws.