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          About DQ cables >> Departments&Employees >> The detailed content

          About DQ cables

          Departments and Employees
          The management system of Dongqiang has developed continuously with the success of the businesses. All departments take their pride in supporting the joint vision. This definitely includes the Chairman but also goes down the departmental structure to the operator of the production machines or the quality person.
          More than 400 employees at Dongqiang perform a wide variety of tasks and all contribute to Dongqiang's success in the marketplace and to achieving the mission of developing and delivering the best cable solutions for their customers around the world. The people aim to produce top-quality products using top-quality production processes. Not only are the people who work for Dongqiang exceptional experts in their fields, but they are also customer-focused, flexible, loyal and filled with team spirit. Dongqiang offers its people challenging career opportunities based on ongoing career development and personal training. The working environment is pleasant and informal, combined with above normal conditions of employment and excellent benefits and facilities.
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