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            About DQ cables >> Chairman Introduction >> The detailed content

          About DQ cables

          Chairman Introduction

          Zichun Wang Chairman, Senior Engineer and Senior Economist

          honourable degrees held:

        2. "Outstanding township entrepreneur"
        3. "National Township Entrepreneur"
        4. "Jiangsu Province Ten Outstanding Patent Inventor" (April 2006)
        5. "Jiangsu Province Model Worker" (April 2006)
        6. "Grand Prize of Inventing and Founding" (November 2006)
        7. "Inventor at the present age" (November 2006)
        8. "Supporter to the wealth of Chinese people" (November 2006)
        9. "National Science and Technology Progress Award"
        10. Yancheng City People's Congress"(January 2008)
        11. "Representative of the people in Jiangsu Province"(January 2008)
        12. "Yancheng Ten people award" (January 2009)
        13. "Supporter to Yancheng scientific and technological progress" (January 2009)
        14. "National advanced quality individual" (September 2011)

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